Cliff Notes: Opening Week Edition

Strasburg Unleashes on Opening Day

Strasburg Unleashes on Opening Day

Cliff Notes is a bi-weekly post featuring links to some of our favorite stories from other parts of Natstown over the past couple of days.  We want to make sure you’re reading the best of what Natstown has to offer!

Finally Baseball came back to the Nation’s Capital!

Ouij on Natstradamus takes Barry Svruluga and others to task for freaking out over Stephen Strasburg being pulled in the home opener after just 80 pitches.

I made an appearance on the Red Porch Report this week and talked about my 5 Things To Keep Fans Sane article.  We’ve been fans of this show for a bit-it’s easily the most professional sounding podcast in Natstown.  Also, I managed not to ruin the whole show-so go give it a listen!

We also got a shout out on Matt’s Bats Opening Day Post.  Thanks!

@Stephanats and @TClippsSpecs got married on Opening Day, then came to the game!  I guess I’m happy for the other couple in the article too.

While we’re talking about TClipps article about Harper’s swing mechanics is short, easy to understand and informative.  So read it!  That link would be enough, but also read Ouij’s response (more of a companion article) that says Harper’s batting stance makes him look like a cricketer-and goes in depth as to why that works! (I, for one, am no convinced Frank Thomas and Bryce Harper would be even better at cricket).

Lastly, a very nice light piece by @EffyeahJDub about being a long distance fan on CitsofNatstown.

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