Cliff Notes: The “I’m a Sci Fi Fantasy Sweater Vest Minor Leaguer” Edition


Cliff Notes is a bi-weekly-ish post featuring links to some of our favorite stories from other parts of Natstown over the past couple of days.  We want to make sure you’re reading the best of what Natstown has to offer!

Don’t forget, tonight is SWEATER VEST NIGHT at Nationals Park (Unofficial).  It’s in honor of color analyst F.P. Santangelo, who we all think is awesome.  Also, it will be fun to stand out at the park.  Come on out/look for us on the TV! (Presented by the Half Street Irregulars).

  • In other Non-Direct-Baseball News, @FakeFP’s STOP THE WAVE pamphlet (since turned into a back of an Anti-Wave T-shirt) got picked up by Yahoo and is making the National rounds.  This is a good thing.
  • See!  I didn’t Tweet-Lie when I said Werth was using Game of Thrones (and The Walking Dead) as his walk up music!  Now he really just needs to get the Dr. Who theme (preferably Seasons 2-3, or Season 5  of the rebooted seasons.  Season 1, and the Original Series are probably too quiet to be heard properly. You need that full BBC London Philharmonic Orchestra!)
  • How Do I Baseball wrote a story about Drew Storen’s evil, evil change-up against the White Sox Dewayne Wise.  It’s a pitch worthy of its own story. 
  • It’s similar to the Adam Kilgore piece about Strasburg’s change up against Joey Votto of the Reds.   Between these two posts, I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing a series showing what different pitches are and how they move. 
  • Natstradameus expresses my thoughts on Anthony Rendon nearly perfectly in this post explaining why, despite a serious case of the Error-Hiccups, the team won’t be calling up Rendon anytime soon.
  • Mark Zuckerman did profile who is playing well in the Minors so far.  In fact, the tone of his post seems to indicate that you might see Micah Owings or Zach Walters before you see Anthony Rendon this year.
  • Still don’t think the Nationals aren’t preparing Rendon for a possible move.  The last article today is from Byron Kerr, reporting that Rendon is playing both 3rd and 2nd base in Harrisburg so far.  This gives the Nationals a little more flexible with how they bring him up, when the bring him up (which still might not be soon).

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