Cliff Notes: Matty Morphin’ Bahn-Mi Meatball Rangers Edition


Cliff Notes is a Weekly-ish post featuring links to some of our favorite stories from other parts of Natstown over the past couple of days.  We want to make sure you’re reading the best of what Natstown has to offer!

The Nats have a new Clint…and it’s a laaaaddy! In all serious though, Lindsey Covert will be taking over the In-Game host duties from Mr. Khoury as his role is reduced.  She was pretty nice to a friend who got on the jumbotron the other day, so she’s cool in my book (via the Sports Bog).

Matt’s Bats makes the list twice today.  First, Matt is making a weekly-ish appearance on Fox 5 it seems, so be sure to be on the look out for him there. Also, he took a page out of our book to explain “What is a Balk.” 

The Nats Archive has finished their Nats Morph Contest using their epic Photoshop skills to combine the faces of some placers to make hybrid mutant players capable of… playing baseball, probably.  Worth gawking at, for sure. (Good work guys!)

This Bahn-Mi Meatball Sub was the best part of the game for Doghouse on Federal Baseball on Sunday.  It’s sad to look at the Atlanta ass kicking again, but a good reminder that even bad baseball should be fun on some level-even if it’s just a sandwich at the park.  (via Federal Baseball)

DC Sports Nexus has a great list of #Rally items from this year and last, including the latest: The Rally Runway!

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