Cliff Notes: The “Hawaiian DL Look Where You’re Running!” Edition


By now, you’re seen or heard about Bryce Harper going full steam ahead into a chain link fence for a very scary injury on a very “Bryce-like” type of play.  I’m not posting the GIF or Pictures here, but I will link to them below if you want to see them.  Frankly, after once it’s upsetting and unless you’re really a fan of watching people get hurt there is no reason to see it again. (And if you’re a fan of watching people get hurt….)

  • First, the Post does a great job covering the 7-Day Disabled List that MLB started last year.  It’s basically a special DL for players with concussions only. Note, the photos and the GIF are both in the article, but if you can bear it-read it.  The article explains it well.  Even though he was listed as having no concussion, a second opinion is probably going to happen.
  • Danny Espinosa has a cannon.  I know this because Section 138 showed me.  Here is Danny with pin point accuracy throwing from deep RF to 3rd base to get an out.
  • Back to Injured people for a minute, here is a running tally of all players salaries paid to players on the Disabled List so far this year.  Why? Because its the New York Times and they get to put the Yankees at the top of a list again, probably.
  • Nats Prospects keeps track of, well, Nats Prospects.  Anthony Rendon and Paul Demny were named the Eastern League player/pitcher of the week.  Rendon’s bat is on fire, let’s hope his defense at 2B is coming along.  The Nats want him on the bench somewhere, but he’s got to pick it up in the field a bit.
  • UPDATE: Added this one cuz it posted seconds after I posted this:  Dave Huzzard destroys local and sports talk radio.  I am always a fan of that. Really though, he takes a sledgehammer to 99% of sports jargon that destroys actual discussion of the (any) sport.  Give it a read.
  • The Half Street Irregulars are hosing a Hawaiian Shirt Day at Nationals Park!  It’s Bryce Harper Bobblehead Day, so you were probably coming anyway.  Wear a Hawaiian shirt and get into the relaxed spirit of Kurt Suzuki…well unless you saw him cuss out the ump.  We’re going to try and relax more than that 🙂
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