Cliff Notes: Walkin’ Wounded Edition

Nathan Karns debuts for the Nats tonight.  This is courtesy of DCSportshopped who took my awful execution of this idea and made it much better.

Nathan Karns debuts for the Nats tonight. This is courtesy of DCSportshopped who took my awful execution of this idea and made it much better.

Sorry for the thrown together nature of today’s post. This is our big move into our new house week!  Tomorrow I get up at 5am fly out to Indianapolis Indiana pick up a Uhaul and some furniture and drive back on Thursday only to immediately load up the truck so we can move on Friday!  Yay!  (As you might imagine, content here and on twitter might be….lacking for the next week or two). 

Hey, have you heard?  There is a problem with the Nationals offense.  While thinking folk might come up with the fact that the team is missing Jayson Werth and Bryce Harper has a bum knee, most folks seem to have focused their ire on the second base position.  It turns out the Danny Espinosa has been playing with a broken wrist (that no one seemed able to diagnose for the last few months).  Here are some articles about that:

  • First, Dave Nichols writes up perfectly why the Nationals refuse to make Steve Lombardozzi a starter over Danny Espinosa.  I, as well as many others, have been beating this drum for a while-but Dave does the best job of summing it all up and making it read well.  A must read for folks worried about the 7th spot in the order.
  • Speaking of a broken wrist, I guess Danny is feeling better. Many folks have wanted Danny to be put on the DL so he can get surgery, but the team can’t make him get surgery and they don’t seem in a rush to do that.
  • Steve Lombardozzi is playing like a man possessed…I guess.  He’s 5 of his last 21 including a big 3 hit day against the Phillies. That’s pretty good, and he’ll need to keep that up if he wants to keep his job.  As it stands, his best is about 30% better than Espinosa with a broken wrist.  If the team thinks Espi is healthy, it is still his job while Lombo keeps the seat warm for him.
  • Related- Jeff Kobernus is now on the team.  Welcome Rook!

Also, there is other health news:

  • Ross Detwiler is going to be on the DL for a week at least with lower back issues.  Nathan Karns gets a shot tonight against the O’s, here is Zuckerman’s preview of him.
  • More Injury Dates, here is Wagner talking about more return dates.  Ramos is done for at least 6 weeks, and so again it’s tough luck for him.  This has gone from “oh no” he’s hurt to “oh no” he’s injury prone.  Also, Mattheus the locker puncher (who single handedly -no pun intended – screwed up the bullpen) is also out for a while.  Werth is due back next week, which the team desperately needs.

If you want to read some stuff that will make you angry, how about this Machado v. Harper thing from some hack on Yahoo.  

Speaking of hacks, Natstradameus is not hacky at all.  This week, Luigi does respond to hacks that think something is wrong with Drew Storen.  Small sample size-it can’t be overstated. The article also has an excellent bit on xFIP which fans of this blog may like as educational.

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