Cliff Notes: Red Porch Wedding Edition

Last week, Davey Johnson said changes would be coming, and he might as well have said ‘Winter is Coming.’  The House Lerner did some serious Spring Cleaning a few weeks before the official start to summer much as we suggested on Monday.  Of course, lots of people had the exact same suggestions, so not gonna break my arm patting myself on the back here. 

  • Let’s start with the easy ones.  Henry Rodriguez and Zach Duke were both Designated for Assignment.  If you’re not sure what that means, you can check out our podcast from last year on DFA or wait until I do a post on it later today/tomorrow.  For now though, it basically means they have been cut by the team and can be claimed by another club.  If no one claims them they are free agents and can sign where they like.
  • Next, Jayson Werth returned to the line-up. 
  • Third, Danny Espinosa was placed on the 15 day Disabled List.  He is going to visit with a specialist today and then figure out what to do for his health there.  Teams will look at his bust up wrist and have a look at the torn rotator cuff while they are at it.  What’s more based on comments from Rizzo and Johnson, and the fact that he cleaned out his locker, it seems almost certain that he won’t return directly to the club but go to AA or AAA to work on his swing. 
  • Which is why Anthony Rendon has been called up.  He’s going to get time with Steve Lombardozzi at second base, which I am a bit skeptical about.  Guy’s only played 3B, and had about 3 games in AAA Syracuse at 2B, so he is going to learn on the job.  Plus, defensively, he’s going to replace Danny Espinosa’s elite level defense, so there was going to be a drop off already.  Still, if he can hit it will help-and maybe it’ll end up giving Danny some props when folks see how not-routine some of the balls hit to second are.
  • Ian Krol also gets called up. He’s a lefty and is in the bullpen.  Looks like i have some new Get To Know A Nats to do!
  • Oh and lastly, the Nats won!  For the first time all year, the Nationals came back from a deficit after the 6th inning to win a game.  Plus, they tagged a reliever with a blown save and had a walk off win.  Woot!

Singular topic this time given how big yesterday’s story was.  Plenty of stuff to write/talk about this week, so please stay tuned!  We are in our house and should be back to a more steady content stream presently.

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