Cliff Notes: “Flooded Basement of the Heart” Edition

Flooded Basement

EDIT:  Hawaiian Shirt Party is Sunday!  Wear one to the Park!

It’s hard to blog when you’re moving into a new house.  It’s harder to blog when you’re used to working from home and you’ve been in the actual Office for the last few weeks (I know…poor me).  But really, when your basement where you have your computer and desk all set up floods and you have to tear up the floor of the house you JUST MOVED INTO…I think you get a little “slow blog week” allowance.  Podcasting…just forget about it.

So let me give you some of the things I’ve at least had the chance to glance at in the last week from Natstown:

  • His Favorite Letter is K– A Matt’s Bats piece on Craig Stammen.  Hope Matt gets to be a blogger journalist for a day on Saturday, as I’ll be missing that window.  The Stayman fruit picture is very funny, and it’s an excellent piece on one of the few consistent Nationals this year.
  • Anytime @ouij enjoys himself at a baseball game these days, it’s worth reading about.  The joy of going to a minor league game in Potomac to watch a Ross Detwiler rehab start.  Plus, he’s a great photographer. 
  • #NatsHaiku took off yesterday, and was a fun bright spot in a cruddy day for baseball.  Nats losers of 4 of their last 5-it’s bound to echo deep in the dark parts of our creative brains.  Here is the Bog article about it.  Also, if you ever needed evidence that most WaPo commenters are dopes, half their Haikus aren’t Haikus.  So there’s that.
  • Henry Rodriguez is still hitting things.  Like Batters and Umpires.  That’s so…Cubs, how did we not see it before?  This may be a perfect fit for him.
  • Also, Jayson Werth probably broke the Phanatic’s ATV.  Well, no he didn’t.  This is Philly, so it’s much more likely some street tuffs (like Cole Hamels) stole the spark plugs, but some people in Philly need a reason to boo Jayson Werth three years after he left having helped win a World Series for the city and those booing fans.  What’s the other option for them, really?  Not boo Jayson Werth and fill the void in their soul by accidentally pausing to reflect on their wasted lives?
  • Speaking of reflections on wasted lives… Joe Strauss, a man who seems to be employed professionally to be a twitter troll for a St. Louis Newspaper, finally caught the eye of Dan Steinberg.  I stopped following Strauss months ago because, well, he’s annoying and clearly baiting Nats fans (and really, what did Washington ever do to him? Did he get at ticket on Metro for drinking his coffee on a visit or something?) from halfway across the country and…well…why should I give him what he wants?  I figure if you’re gonna get mad at a guy for stupid things but you’re following him on Twitter, it’s kind of your own fault.  Anyway, Dan tears him apart, and it’s worth reading.  Not much in happy Nats land on the field…so might as well laugh at that. 
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