About Nationals 101

What is Nationals 101?: Nationals 101 is a podcast, and now web site, authored by Frank and Susan Lattuca that deals with Baseball and the Washington Nationals from a novice perspective.  When we started in 2012, despite 7 full seasons under their belt, Washington was still very much not a baseball town.  It was barely covered on the radio, barely talked about in bars, and (to the great embarassment of Nationals fans) barely attended. 

We aren’t experts with decades of experience watch the game-but we don’t think you should have to be to enjoy the game. We wanted to create a space where people could learn and speak about the game in an intelligent manner, without having to be a know-it-all or a blind zealot of fandom. 

No talking down, no unreasonable expections, no stupid questions.  Well, okay, maybe some stupid questions-but we promise not to laugh too much 🙂  

How did you come up with Nationals 101?:  Nationals 101 started a long time ago when I used to take my wife (well, she wasn’t my wife then) to Nats games.  Susan used to just come for the beer and the company-let’s face it, that’s what most of DC was doing. 

After a game or two, though, she started to ask questions about the game.  Some serious, some ridiculous, but all legitimate questions from a baseball novice. 

As a person who was only newly initiated in the greatness of the American passtime, and a person who greatly wanted to impress her, I just kept answering her questions.  Slowly but surely, year after year, her interest in the spectacle shrank and her interest in the game grew. 

With the 2012 season upon us, we were looking for a way to get more involved in the baseball community.  I thought about how long it took me to learn the little I know about the game, and how many questions Susan had about the game, and figured we couldn’t be the only people in DC with those types of questions and comments.

So we started a podcast at the beginning of the season, and things took off from there.

Are you on Twitter?  Itunes?:

You bet.  We are @Nationals101 on twitter, and on Itunes.  You can leave comments on our web page, or email us at Nationals101 at gmail dot com.  Also, we are on The Facebook. 

So wait: You’re Nationals101 in name, why is your web site Nats101.com?  Why not change over to Nats101 then?:

There already is a Nationals101 web site and a Nats101 twitter user.  I’m sure they are nice and everything, but they aren’t us.  We had this wordpress blog up for a while, but didn’t get the URL locked up.  By then we were up and running with podcasts and twitter followers and Itunes and figured rather than chase it all down we would just have a slightly different URL.

2 thoughts on “About Nationals 101

  1. HEY! What’s the deal? After happily stumbling upon you with your WAR discussion, i quickly elevated you to my “required reading” category, with the likes of Harper, Boss, Huzzard (although he could use an editor) and a few others-who could forget the great Scott Beil and Fire Jim Bowden?. Of course as a baseball nut and Nationals fan (i’m 56 yo and a native) i scour the net compulsively for Nats talk to go along with my addictive searching for baseball info in general!
    BUT-great as the Festivus piece was, i was beginning to despair that… well, glad-VERY glad!-to see you’re back to posting! I look forward to reading you as the season wears on-although, truth be told, adding ANOTHER “Must-Read” site does NOT help me in productive time-management! (Then again, i’m not putting in the time it takes to research and write this stuff i so avidly consume!)
    In case you can’t tell…i think your stuff is top-notch (and no editing required) so many thanks, much appreciation for your work and keep it up!
    Jim Atkocius

    • You’re too kind! We had gone on long holiday to Europe and, basically, were gearing up for Spring Training coverage. Expect regular updates between now and opening day for sure. We are a bit old fashion in that we’d rather have seasonal sports, take a little time off in the winter from coverage. It’s good to take a break 🙂

      Keep reading, and thanks again!

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