Review-Preview: Seeing Reds and the return of the Dunn-key (White Sox)

Return of the Dunn-Key.

Return of the Dunn-Key.

There are a million places to go get a recap and preview of every game, but here at Nationals 101 we prefer to take a slightly bigger slice of the pie.  The Review-Preview will take place between series and give a quick recap of the previous series (including anything we think you can learn from the series) and what you can look forward to in the next series coming up.

REVIEW Cincinnati Reds Series

It might have slipped the notice of Nationals fans in the fervor of this offseason, but the Cincinnati Reds were also an excellent team in 2012.  They also got better this year.  In fact, the Reds might have a more mature lineup, not quite the starting pitching, and maybe (probably) a better bullpen than the Nationals.  They too added a killer lead-off CF in Shin Choo-Shoo and have a pretty awesome second year player in Todd Frazier.  The Nats took 6 of 8 games against the Reds last year, so perhaps we all glossed over the fact that they finished with 97 wins last year-just behind the Nationals.


Well the Reds made sure the Nationals sat up and noticed this week.  In what was the drubbing of their short life time, the Nationals got destroyed by the Reds 15-0 on Friday night.  They did come back to win a nail-biter on Saturday 7-6, but dropped the battle of Aces on Sunday 6-3

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Nationals 101 Podcast S2E5: Opening Day Double Switcheroo Holy Cow What Was That?


Season 2 Episode 5

It’s our first podcast of the actual, for reals, 2013 Season!  Opening Day and sweeping the Marlins, putting the Reds series into perspective, what’s a double switch (and why do it?) and what to expect from the White Sox/Braves series.  All that and much, much more with Frank and Susan as we get this party started right!

Sweater Vest Night is coming up!  Get gussied up and come on out!