Get To Know A Nat: Craig Stammen

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Welcome to “Get To Know a Nat.” There are currently 39 men on the 40 man roster, and we’re going to give you the straight scoop on all of them!  Not sure where to start with player and season previews?  Not ready to jump into heavy metrics?  Just want to get to know the players, what they do, and what to expect from them in 2013?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Name: Craig N. Stammen
Nickname(s):  Not That I’ve Found
DOB: March 9, 1984 (Age 28)
Twitter?: @CStammen35
From:  Versailles, Ohio
Position: Relief Pitcher Bullpen Role:  Long Reliever
Hand: Righty
With the Nats Since: Drafted in 2005 by Nationals, Debuted in 2009.

Craig Stammen is a converted starting pitcher drafted by the Nationals that now pitches in the bullpen.  Primarily, Stammen comes in as right handed relief, particularly in long relief when a starter struggles and needs to be pulled out early.  Last year was Stammen’s first coming out of the pen and he did very well.  In 59 games, 28 of them featured Stammen pitching in 2 or more innings.  He does well against lefties and righties.  You can also think of him as a mini-starter of sorts-and one that was very successful in 2012.

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Get to Know a Stat: Some Pitching Averages Worth Knowing

Welcome to Get to Know a Stat!  Once a Week (or so) I intend to take an advanced baseball statistic and present it to you in a way that’s understandable.

Real life gets in the way this week, so rather than delve into an advanced stat like last week, I thought I would run through a few of the fairly basic ones that can still prove very useful in evaluating a pitchers.

The way I’ve come to view stats is not as some all-encompassing answer about who is the best player, but a variety of tools that let you dig into the truth of situations a little better.  ERA might be the sledgehammer that can break things open, but the more finely crafted FIP lets you dig in a little more carefully without breaking the whole thing open. As such, I’m just going to highlight a few of the other stats that can help you get a more complete picture of what a pitcher is doing. 

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Episode S2E3: Almost, Not Quite Baseball Season Yet

Episode S2E3

We’ve got a Natsfest review, a World Baseball Classic preview, go through the Gio-gate nonsense and talk about some of the fun things happening on the blog.

Oh! And join us for Sweater Vest Night!

Get To Know a STAT! FIP explained

Welcome to Get to Know a Stat!  Once a Week (or so) I intend to take an advanced baseball statistic and present it to you in a way that’s understandable.

To get started with advanced stats, I want to introduce a fairly easy one to wrap your heads around- FIP, or Fielding Independent Pitching.  This is a pitching statistic and it’s supposed to answer what ought to be a very straight forward question:  How much of the pitcher’s success is actually due to the pitcher, and how much is due to the pitcher getting help?

The basic stat that most people look at first with pitchers is ERA or Earned Run Average.  This is the number of runs a pitcher “earns” over a nine inning game.  (Note: not all runs are earned.  If a fielder makes an error that eventually leads to a base runner scoring that run doesn’t count against the pitcher.)

Here’s the formula:

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