The Panic Button: Historically Bad Losses By Historically Good Teams


Finding it too hard to take our advice about taking the long view of things when it comes to baseball? Recent Nationals games have you on edge?  Don’t worry-you’ve hit The Panic Button – and we’ve got you covered.

Credit:  Thanks to @CBJinDC for helping me find most of these.

Let’s face it; there wasn’t anything good about the Nationals 15-0 loss Friday night to the Cincinnati Reds.  Despite the Nationals official twitter trying to polish said turd:

This was still the most lopsided loss in modern Nats history.

Despite multiple renditions of “don’t panic” and “it’s one game” from a healthy portion of Nats fans, much of Natstown just couldn’t get over how ugly it was last night.  Many seemed to be ready to pack in the season (and quite a few more are ready to send Dan Haren packing after just one start).

Still, there is every reason to expect that the Nationals can “overcome” their first loss of the season despite it hitting every branch (and Reds bat) on the ugly tree.  Why?  We turn to the only thing we have in baseball-History.  Let’s look at some really great teams and some really awful losses:

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