Holding Court: Stephen Strasburg and the Battle of Clearwater

Welcome to a new feature on Nats101.com, “Holding Court.”  Written by Court Swift (@RCourtSwift) one of the most knowledgeable Nationals (and everything) fans I know.  He’ll be writing a columns for us that not only get you up to speed on some baseball things, but also offering his sage like opinion on those same topics.

On March 6th, I believe Stephen Strasburg hit Chase Utley on purpose. After watching his latest start against the Astros, I’m even more convinced.

The consensus about the incident is this: Strasburg hit Utley by accident then Roy Halladay hit Tyler Moore in retaliation. Both pitchers denied throwing at guys on purpose (as well they should, lest they be disciplined) but Roy did his with a smile and a wink and then went on to talk about how it’s not so bad to hit people. Strasburg also denied – without a smile – and it seems most have taken him at his word. But he added one little unprompted sentence that I found interesting. He said, “I don’t have any reason to throw at him, do I?”

Why yes, Stephen, yes you do.

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Episode S2E3: Almost, Not Quite Baseball Season Yet

Episode S2E3

We’ve got a Natsfest review, a World Baseball Classic preview, go through the Gio-gate nonsense and talk about some of the fun things happening on the blog.

Oh! And join us for Sweater Vest Night!

Get To Know A Nat: Ryan Mattheus


Ryan Mattheus fielding questions at Natsfest.

Welcome to “Get To Know a Nat.” There are currently 39 men on the 40 man roster, and we’re going to give you the straight scoop on all of them!  Not sure where to start with player and season previews?  Not ready to jump into heavy metrics?  Just want to get to know the players, what they do, and what to expect from them in 2013?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Name: Ryan Mattheus
Nickname(s): Not really, but his walk-up music ‘Firework‘ gets a lot of talk.
DOB: November 10, 1983 (Age 29)
Twitter?: @RyanMattheus
From: Galt, California
Position: Relief Pitcher Bullpen Role:  Usually 7th Inning
Hand: Righty
With the Nats Since: Acqured via Trade with the Colorado Rockies in 2009, Debuted with Nationals in 2011

Ryan Mattheus was something of a breath of fresh air for the Washington Nationals in 2012.  After a decent, if not stunning, debut in 2011, Mattheus upped his game dramatically in 2012.   Mattheus acts as the fulcrum for the Nationals pitching staff- A+, World Class starters come before him, and the usually lights out combo of Clippard and Storen (and Soriano, as well) come after him.  Mattheus has the very important and under-appreciated job of being the main bridge from one group the the next.  He needs to take the success of last year and repeat it, if not exceed it.

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Episode 3: Pitching!

Episode 3

It’s a jam packed episode loaded with a Nats Week in Review, Cole Hamels & Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth’s Broken Wrist, “Get to Know a Nat” Stephen Strasburg, Dwarfs in the batter’s box, and your listener feedback!  Plus, Susan and Frank give you the ins and outs of pitching, including some of the guys who pitch for the Nats, how to tell your slurve from your cutter, and just how many baseballs can you fit in a strikezone?

(The Web Site we Used When Discussing Pitch Types)