Podcast! 2015 Nats Season Preview with @NoahFrankWTOP

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Noah Frank joins our show to talk about where the Nats are right now and how they look for 2015. On the show: the 25 man roster, the rash of injuries suffered by the team, how good is the Nationals rotation, is this bullpen sustainable, Strasburg, Harper, a little Matt Williams, an NL East preview, a rest of the MLB preview, and plenty more. Enjoy!

A Collection of Unscientific Nationals Prediction Like Things

We Kid Because We...Love?

We Kid Because We…Love?

All week we’ve been talking about how predictions work and how you can, pretty accurately, take a stab at just how well a team might do (if, of course, you can figure out how many runs they’ll score/give up).

What follows flies completely in the face of al of that.  While I don’t think I can get away with talking about predictions all week and not stick my own neck out there, I can forewarn you that this is a totally unscientific, gut-checking style of prediction.  There are no stone-cold lead pipe locks, bold predictions when we get back from commercial.  These really are just a bunch of thoughts I have for the season this year.

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Season Prep: Five Things To Keep Fans Sane in 2013


We stand on the edge, Nats fans.  The precipice of baseball expectations unheard of in Washington D.C. for many a decade.  For the first time, certainly in recent history, critics and fans alike expect the Nationals to compete for (and some say win) a World Series title.

Let that sink in if it hasn’t already.

As expectations rise, everything, everything gets magnified.

At times over the course of a 162 games I expect the Nationals to look unbeatable.  At other times, the Nationals will seem incapable of tying their own shoes without committing an error or giving up a run.  Despite the fact that these are the same peaks and valleys any baseball team (even the best) go through in the course of a season, keeping perspective on the season in any given moment is a hard thing to do.  Here, then, are five things I suggest everyone keep in mind as the season goes on.

Warning:  I very much offer my personal opinion on things like conduct and how I things should be. Take it for what it’s worth and if you don’t agree with it, try not to get upset.  I’m just writing and you’re just reading. 

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The Basecs: Tell Me About PEDs

Since last week’s revelation that a Florida health clinic being investigated by MLB may have been supplying players with PEDs broke, not much has happened.  Jonah Keri wrote the article about PEDs I wish I could’ve written.  MLB has asked the Miami New Times for the documents it has, but nothing has been done about that yet.  A “Round 2” of names came out, thanks to a Yahoo! Sports article by Jeff Passan-citing last year’s steroidal suspect Ryan Bruan as the headlining name.

Strangely, Ryan Bruan’s fairly plausible denial only seemed to bolster Passan’s opinion…

which I went out of my way to argue with…

But that is slightly besides the point. I just wanted to point out again that Jeff Passan kind of drives me nuts.

Anyway, given that most of the world is still in Speculation City with regards to the status of these players, I thought we could spend a little time discussing the basics of PED use.

So, at the top, what is a PED?

A Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is anything that, just like it sounds, enhances the performance of the player. Anything. A cup of coffee is the vehicle for my daily morning PED, aka caffeine. A muscle relaxor, a cortisone shot-anything that helps you perform is a PED.

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Opinion: Nature Abhors A Vacuum


Dr. Bosch the focus of a current PED investigation.  Gio Gonzalez has been linked to the investigation.

Dr. Bosch the focus of a current PED investigation. Gio Gonzalez has been linked to the investigation.

I am going to apologize at the outset for the mildly personal nature of this post. 

This morning’s report from The Miami New Times, detailing an ongoing investigation into an anti-aging clinic in Florida selling performance enhancing drugs, possibly to Major League Baseball players, has rocked the baseball world. This includes seizmic shocks through the heart of Natstown’s very own K street.  Gio Gonzalez’s name was found in these records, albeit on a page that seems to include a bunch of legal substances, and the doubt machine has been rolling in full effect all day.  Dan Kolko has been doing an excellent job of updating his article as more information comes out (and you should keep that bookmarked for a bit), but even now not much is known about the situation. 

MLB has stated they are in the midst of an investigation (aka no comment), Gio Gonzalez has categorically denied using PEDs (not that he’s been officially accused of anything yet) and his father has backed him up.  Most of Twitter went on its head this morning, and Nats fans are somewhere between a state of panic and zealous defense of the beloved left hander.  It’s understandable, too.  Gonzalez, by all accounts, is a fan favorite as much for his personality as his performance.  The one time I met Gio (and his father, actually) I was nothing but charmed with what a great guy he was (both were).  It’d be hard for me to recnocile that meeting with the possibility of his involvement in something so scanalous.

This post, however, is not to go through my opinion on whether Gio Gonzalez did something he shouldn’t have, or not.  It isn’t to weigh up what it means to use PEDs, etc., or what it means for the ball club, or whether I think he “did it.”  Indeed, what is pushing me to write is that these are, currently, fruitless questions with even less fruitful answers.  Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we.  It is up to us to fight against our nature and hazard too many guesses or opinions about things that, frankly, we know nothing about. Continue reading

Natsfest Photo Links!

Click Here for Our Natsfest 2013 Photos!

Click Here for Our Natsfest 2013 Photos!

Click Here for our AfterParty Photos

Click Here for our After-Party Photos

Hey everyone!  We were both very happy to meet so many of you at Natsfest and the happy hour afterwards this weekend.  We had such a great time!  I think we’ll save some of the discussion for the podcast this week, but we wanted to be sure to share our photos from the day (including the Happy Hour) here.  Click the Images above to be taken to the photo albums on our Facebook page.  “Like” Us if you haven’t already!

Also, please share your Natsfest memories in the comments below or on the FB page, and link to any other photos or stories you took. Let’s go Nats!

Episode S2E2: Spring (Training) Fever!

Episode 2

Frank and Susan give you their full Spring Training Preview: What to expect, where to stay, how to get there and things to look out for.  If you’re looking for information about where the Nats play, where other teams play, how to get autographs, or any of a litany of NON baseball things to do in that part of Florida, we gotcha covered! 

Also go to Natsfest and/or the Bobby Van’s Happy Hour afterwards!